Thursday, 29 December 2016

This blogette is brought to you by the letters F U and the numbers 2016

Okay, the blog title might be an overreaction but to be honest, it's been a ridiculously weird year for all, I think.  Here is my summary of 2016.

Bad things that happened in 2016:

*  So much death (and not just celebrities: Syria, plane crashes, victims of terrorism, natural disasters...)
*  Brexit and Donald Trump which is giving rise to the far right 
*  Relationship breakdowns 
*  The continuing deterioration of my beloved auntie  
*  Losing the wonderfully bonkers Patricia White

Good things that happened in 2016

* Various engagements, marriages, pregnancies and births not to mention trips at home and overseas and folk moving house (in Duncan’s case, a whole continent away). 

* Negan 

* Amazing gigs with lovely people (a-ha, ELO, Bruce Springsteen, John Carpenter, Jimbob are a few that come to mind)

*  Making new friends

* I've been okayed for bariatric surgery, which means things are forward for me and D becoming parents

* I wore a bikini for the first time since I was about eight and felt fucking fierce (after drinking the best part of a bottle of Prosecco and posting a photo on FB for validity from my chums of course)

* I’ve come to terms with my face.  It is actually okay.  It can look pretty sometimes.  I am okay with that.  It has taken 37 and a half years for me to come to that conclusion

Beware 2017, I'm coming for you (NOT necessarily dressed in a bikini). Screw with me or mine and I'll kick you down some stairs.

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